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How to Fix Error 3194 in itunes

ITunes error 3194 mostly happens when we upgrade iOS apparatus to the newest version, or revive iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. In terms of why it occurs, there are two reasons. For many users, iTunes error 3194 occurs because sometime they used a jailbreak utility to change their iOS apparatus, and in the adjustment procedure the jailbreak tweak modifies the hosts file consequently blocking Apple’s servers. And it may result in the error when iOS try to upgrade to a new version in the future, restore from a backup.

In more rare iTunes error 3194 scenarios, it can happen if there’s an unrelated connectivity problem between the client and server server through an iOS update or restore. After getting knowledge of those motives, we’ll begin moving forward to the way to fix iTunes error 3194 in the next.

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iTunes Error 3194

Base on above info, we resolve 3194 error by altering host documents.

Step 1. For Windows, navigate to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and locate the file which is named “hosts”.

Step 2. You will mostly have this line in the bottom of the document:

Step 3. Either comment this line out by typing a single ‘#’ (minus the quotes) in the front of the line (before 74) or remove the line entirely.

Step 4. Save the hosts file and then try upgrading your iPhone via iTunes. Generally, the mistake shouldn’t pop up today.

To be clear, in case your iOS apparatus was jailbroken many times, this method may not work occasionally. But you’re in an urgent need to revive iOS data from iTunes backup. We can utilize some specialist iOS data retrieval to get the work done.

In this tip, we urge PhoneRescue.  It’s an outstanding Android & iOS data retrieval tool. PhoneRescue – iOS data retrieval is especially for iOS users. This guide will demonstrate how you can recover iOS information from iTunes backup with it step by step. It means that you don’t have to restore the entire backup, and it will not erase your existed data on apparatus.

We take recovering text message from iTunes backup for instance in the next.

How to Fix Error 3194 in itunes

Step 1. Download PhoneRescue (select Download for iOS) > Install it on your PC/Mac > Open it.

Step 2. Select Recover from iTunes Backup > Click Right Arrow.

Step 3. Pick the backup which contains the messages you need to return > Click Right Arrow to scan the backup.

Step 4. Select Messages > Preview and choose the messages you want > Click To Computer button to download them to computer or maybe to iDevice button for them to your iPhone.

ITunes error 3194 is similar to iTunes mistake 17 in a lot of ways. With the above method, you can get 3194 error solved successfully. And if you’re worried about restoring iOS data from iTunes backup with iTunes, you can have PhoneRescue for an alternate.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498 and 491

The main reason that leads to the Fix Google play store error 498 is the device’s cache partition size. Sometimes it occurs when you try downloading a program that’s large in size compared to the cache partition. Also there are lots of reasons besides this that don’t enable you to download any programs from Google Play shop. Here are clarified some methods to repair the error.

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Ways to Fix Google play store error 498

Method 1

You will need to clear the cache and information from Google play shop so as to fix Google play shop error 498.

> Go to settings.

> Select Application

> Choose Google play shop.

Select Clear cache and Info and proceed to download the program to check if it’s working now.

Another reason for this dilemma may be that the Google server when it’s under maintenance or quite slow because of some reason. So it’s suggested to download the program using Wi-fi system to prevent the problem.

If the above mentioned methods can not fix Google play shop malfunction 498 then try the next method. You will need to bring a new Google play shop account.

Proceed to Settings on your telephone > Account > Insert new account > select Google > Next type the email > done.

Method 4

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the Google play shop app can enable you to mend Google Play store malfunction 498. Follow this method if your telephone is rooted.

Method 5

Go for the previous method if all the procedures become ineffective in fixing the issue. Connect the telephone with a computer using data cable and open Google play shop in Computer’s browser. As you receive the program, click on it that will demonstrate an install button. Click on the button and the program will be installed on your Smartphone. That means you can download the program in this way to prevent the problem.

In this way you can Fix Play Store error 491 and 498