About US

Our Blog was created in 2018 from a love for Technology. As Tech got increasingly more popular over the years to essentially become commodities. Nowadays I noticed that a good deal of people struggled in finding the new tech updates for themselves.

I was frequently asked by family & friends to make the research for them.  After a while I figured out it was more efficient to build a website around that to help even more people and make a little money on the side. In the years since this website existed, we helped hundreds and hundreds of people for technology updates

Since that time, the former owner and I kept updating this website to give you the very best and most current information on Tech.

We earn our income through Affiliate links, Google AdSense and some other programs. When you click a link to an external site, it may be an affiliate marketing connection. When you click on these links, we might receive a small commission, at no additional cost for you.

My name is Sharlene and I’m the current owner of livgiantusa as well as the main writer. I do sometimes ask other professionals to write here, but since I really enjoy writing, I mainly do it myself.

I am 28 years old and I’ve been working in Information Technology for 5 years now (times goes quickly.). I’m an IT business analyst, own multiple websites and I’m also doing some development on the side from time to time!


Thanks for visiting¬†livgiantusa and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have a comment or question!